Cultivating Homecoming: Guest Blog from Retreatant Miscelleana

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Life is made up of so many moments in time. Moments that define us. Moments that move us. And often moments that change us. Driving to Springfield, Vermont—fours hours one way—had me thinking of the many moments that were coming. I was leaping into unfamiliar territory, and like usual, I was jumping in feet first. […]

Cultivating PRESENCE: Guest blog from Worktrader Emma

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I took a deep breath, closed my eyes for a moment, and put my hand up to rest over my heart. There were 25 or 30 faces beaming at me in anticipation. I had just said I wanted to offer a song to this new sangha—I had forgotten how vulnerable and scary it would be […]

Cultivating IMAGINATION: Guest Blog from Founding Artmonk Nathan

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A decade ago, I was 26 years old and seeking new ways of experiencing the world. I suspected that there might be ways of organizing human life that were different from the nuclear-family model I grew up within; which felt lonely, like it was missing something. Missing the point, missing perspective. I was also dabbling […]

Contemporary Dance & Catalyst in Vermont

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Contemporary Dance & Catalyst in Vermont

Neva is thrilled to be teaching Contemporary Dance and Catalyst Training throughout Vermont in 2019. Start the new year right: dance, move, and enjoy your body! Class descriptions and information below. Please email neva@artmonastery.org for questions and registration.   Contemporary Dance Series Start 2019 off right: Dancing! This class is great for both beginning and experienced dancers, […]