Hosting the Muse: Deep Flow Conference, free online

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Hosting the Muse: Deep Flow Conference, free online

Human beings have amazing capacities when they’re in a state of flow – athletes break records, leaders inspire us, musicians lose themselves in creation. When we are flowing from our depths we are our wisest, most compassionate, and most present selves. This has been the core of many spiritual practices but it is also at the heart of artistic pursuit, martial arts, interpersonal connection, and even improv comedy!

The Deep Flow Conference & Workshops is a free, live online event coming Oct. 19 – 23 and features a wildly diverse line-up of inspired speakers, each with their own unique way of bringing flow into their diverse domains, including:

  • Michael Beckwith – Agape Spiritual Center – On Practice, Service & Love
  • Steven Kotler – Stealing Fire – The Art of Impossible
  • Loch Kelly – Open-Hearted Awareness Institute – Effortless Mindfulness
  • Patricia Albere – Evolutionary Collective – Unitive Flow
  • Karen Johnson – The Diamond Approach – Continuous Discovery
  • Tami Simon – Sounds True – Leading & Letting Go
  • Craig Hamilton – Integral Enlightenment – Beyond Peak Experiences
  • Katie Goodman – Speaker & Comedian – Improvisation for Life
  • Diane Allen – Concert Violinist – Flow on Demand
  • Paul Austin – the Third Wave – The Psychedelic Evolution
  • Martin Aylward – Inner Critic to Inner Freedom
  • Rick Barrett – Knowing Without Thinking
  • Jeffery Martin – Persistent Awakening
  • Cameron Norsworthy – Insights from the Field
  • Elizabeth Debold & Thomas Steininger – One World in Dialogue
and more…

During this live interactive conference, there will be Q & A as well as a Virtual Cafe to connect with other participants. 

The conference is FREE to everyone who wants to come. 

Click here to register ==> JOIN THE CONFERENCE 

And if you’d like to dive a little deeper into the work we’ll be exploring throughout the conference, you can opt to upgrade to an All-Access Pass that will get you 2 daily live workshops (10 in total) AND recordings of the entire conference so you can watch them as often as you’d like. The workshops are led by great teachers using movement, breath, art, guided meditation, and more.

I invite you to join me Oct. 19 – 23, alongside Tami Simon and Karen Johnson, as we explore the profound, creative, compassionate, and powerful aspects of human being-ness that can be ours when our lives become saturated with FLOW.

I hope to see you there!




Click here to register ==> JOIN THE CONFERENCE 


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