Perhaps you have a plethora of kitchen tools you’re ready to let go of.

Perhaps you have tools in your garage or barn that are extra.

There are many items that would make a big difference in our lives!

Below is a list of items, large and small, we’d be very grateful to receive, including used versions. The links are intended to clarify exactly what we’re looking for, but we’re happy to use whatever it is that you are offering! Let us know if you’d like a tax deductible receipt. You can send these gifts to

Art Monastery Project

2315 Connecticut River Road

Springfield, VT 05156

Kitchen Items

Cooking Tools

Set of measuring cups and spoons ($7.65)

Set of 3 sturdy wire whisks ($6.99)

Two 8” chef’s knives ($15.95 ea.)

Large cutting board (plastic) ($26.94)

Pots and Pans

14″ glass pan lid ($10)

14” or 15″ Wok (or larger)  ($23)

Wok Ring (to match the wok) ($4.20)

14″ Cast Iron Skillet (or larger) ($52.50)


Large glass baking dish with lid ($19.99)

Set of 2 18”x13” sheet pans ($19.49)

Household Items

Wall Clocks by Suiko Betsy McCall up to 3 different clocks ($32 each)

King Size bed sheets


Handtowels for bathrooms

Extension cords

Power strips

Twin bed frames (no mattresses needed)

Zendo Items

Meditation Cushions (up to 10) ($29 each)

Zabutons (floor cushions) (up to 20) ($45 each)

Yoga blankets (up to 15) ($15 each)

Unscented Candles (pillar, taper, or votive)

Candle stands or holders

Garden Items

2 digging spades ($60 each)

2 digging forks ($60 each)

4 hori-horis ($19 each)

Gardena oscillator ($54)

a wand for the hose ($25)


Patio umbrella / Giant sun umbrella & stand

Pop-up tent / shade structure (for outdoor artmaking), especially with mosquito netting walls

Mosquito netting

Be our angel…

Makita drill & impact driver set ($295)

DeWalt chop / miter saw ($399)

Makita belt sander ($205)

Table saw

Be our super duper angel…

BCS walk-behind tiller ($3765)