Do you want to develop a daily creative habit?

To deepen?

To build consistency & confidence?

Plunge into the 100 Day Artmonk Challenge and establish a daily art practice

even if you’ve never successfully done that before.

even if you’re blocked right now.

Discover your unique daily art practice and see where it takes you! 

Overcome your procrastination, resistance, and perfectionism with the support of a sincere community.

100 Day Artmonk Challenge

February 3 to May 14, 2024

8 live online sessions with Founder & Abbess Suiko

Join Art Monastery Founder & Abbess Suiko McCall for a 100 Day program series that could very well change your experience of yourself as a creator and as a practitioner.

You’ll walk away with

  • a greater sense of confidence in your artmaking & creativity, a clear sense of yourself as a creator
  • an experiential & personal understanding of what your unique spiritual & creative practice looks like
  • the foundations for an unbreakable daily practice that nourishes you (even if you’re really busy) 
  • an authentic connection between your spiritual practice and your creativity
  • lower stress levels, increased focus, and more access to creative flow
  • techniques for building consistency and depth in your practices

The program includes

  • 8 live sessions (twice a month for the duration of the 100 Days)
  • recordings of the 8 live sessions
  • email encouragement & inspiration between live sessions
  • an optional Artmonk Sangha pod of 4-6 like-spirited Artmonks to be in regular contact with for mutual support & accountability
  • an optional Affinity Group of folks working in your medium
detail from a painting from Suiko’s first 100 Day Challenge

What have previous participants said about this program?

Clip from the Day 100 Zoom call, participant Catlin reflects on her experience painting and dancing every day.
Clip from the Day 100 Zoom call, participant Nathan reflects on his experience making music every day.
Clip from the Day 100 Zoom call, participant Sereti reflects on her experience singing with a metronome everyday.

“The Artmonk Challenge did for me exactly what I had hoped it would — helped me establish a daily art practice. I cannot tell you how grateful I am! I have a ridiculously hard time establishing routines of any sort—definitely my biggest challenge—but making a small goal (art 5-10 minutes every day) and having the accountability of the community, worked for me.”

—Michel W.

“Suiko, your teachings are incredibly skillful. I’m really grateful. I’ve talked to a lot of my friends about how you teach. I’ve taught workshops on breaking through writer’s block and artistic blocks so I know a lot about this and I’m in awe of your insight and the incredibly loving and accepting way that you teach. I feel that you are modeling that for us to be that way toward ourselves. That’s really huge. I’m really grateful.

—Diana R.

“What I got from this 100 Day Challenge was self-approval. “That’s a good work”. I am a witness to my own work. I’m blown away by the power of orienting toward process.”

—Noor A.

“I had a wild breakthrough on day 3 that has radically shifted my relationship to my artmaking. It has given me just what I have longed for internally as an artist. Wow. Astounding grace.”

—Catlin R.

“It actually worked! About 50 days in, I was heading to my studio to work and I realized it was no longer a question of “oh, I have to remember to do art.” It had become a habit, something that I did without thinking. This is huge for me, as I have a ridiculously hard time creating consistent practices of any kind.”

More testimonials...

“I’m better at drawing than when I started! I’m easier on myself.”

“Because of the challenge, I now have confidence in my capacity to make art, the value of my work, my connection with creative spirit and others through art practice.”

“I have recommitted to regular creative practice, and expanded and deepened my creative practice.”

“I love the daily practice I developed through this class.”

“I woke up to my deluded perception of time and I will continue practicing writing daily. I know how to make the practice sustainable now.”

“This kind of format is such a great tool for personal growth.”

“Supportive. Transformative. Lovely.”

“I would definitely recommend it, because it helped me so much to have the accountability.”

“Several people were so interested in what we were doing and could see how much difference it was making for me! So many people are so minimally aware of their gifts and abilities and I would wish for them the chance to discover that. I recommend that everyone do this challenge!”

“This has been a very positive presence in my life and I have deep gratitude for everyone involved.”

How does it work?

  • You choose what you’d like to do as your daily practice.
  • If you’d like support choosing your practice, email us to request a free recording of a workshop that will guide you to your own most inspiring & sustainable daily goal. Just email info@artmonastery.org.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to join an Artmonk Sangha Pod of 4-6 people. As a group you’ll choose how you’d like to be in contact and how often (groups often create a thread on their platform of choice: text messages, slack channel, What’sApp, etc.). You will then engage with each other throughout the 100 Days, encouraging each other and perhaps sharing the whatever your practice has yielded.
  • Please express your preferences around this via the registration form below.
  • We will gather twice a month on Zoom to discuss themes of artmaking and practice.


We will explore themes of creativity & practice on live calls:

Day 0 – Saturday, Feb 3, 9-11am PSTKickoff: Intention & Meet Your Artmonk Sangha Pod
It’s very important to attend the kick off live so you can meet your Armonk Sangha podlings. If you can not attend the kick off session live, please contact me.

Day 13 – Saturday, Feb 17, 9-10:15am PST Council on Inspiration

Day 27 – Saturday, March 2, 9-10:15am PST How to Show Up Consistently: The Inner & Outer Work. Optional: stay til 11am and Join an Affinity Group

Day 41 – Saturday, March 16, 9-11am PST Dealing with the Inner Judge & ARTSHARE

Day 55 – Saturday, March 30, 9-10:15am PSTNavigating Resistance

Day 76 – Saturday, April 20, 9-11am PST The Wise Heart: Self-Forgiveness & ARTSHARE

Day 90 – Saturday, May 4, 9-10:15am PST The Open Heart: Self-Acceptance

Day 100 – Tuesday, May 14, 5-7pm PSTClosing Council: Reflection & Integration

FLOW of the Live Sessions

Some sessions are longer, but will generally follow this format. The 2-hour sessions will have a 10-minute break in the middle.

9-9:10am PT – Grounding meditation

9:10-10am – Presentation by Suiko on the week’s theme followed by discussion

10-10:15am – Optional share, dedication of merit


Are you ready to invest in yourself, your creativity, and your depth of being?

sliding scale $108 / $325 / $575

BIPOC folks pay what you want.

Truly, no one turned away for lack of funds.

Scholarships available. If the bottom of the sliding scale is prohibitive for you, please reach out and we will find a solution.


Our experience is that if you invest financially at a level that requires some energy from you, you are significantly more likely to complete the challenge and reap the deepest benefits. 

Make a donation of your choice at the end of the registration form below.


Common questions are listed below. If these don’t cover your question, shoot me an email. I’m happy to help! suiko@artmonastery.org

Do I need to attend every live session?

No. I understand that we all have busy lives. It IS important to attend the Kick Off session live because that is where you’ll join an Artmonk Sangha Pod and decide how to be in contact with each other. Because the Sangha Pods are a really important part of the program, it’s important to make that first contact. If you absolutely cannot attend that call but reeeeeally want to be in the program and promise you’ll be really engaged and active with your pod, then email suiko@artmonastery.org to discuss.

The live sessions are a beautiful time to come together, connect, share, and unpack some of the themes that tend to arise as we move through the challenge. They are there to support you. You can certainly watch the recordings afterward.

Do I need to know ahead of time what my daily practice will be?

You need to know what your daily practice will be starting on Day 1. If you’re not sure, email us to request a free recording of a workshop that will guide you to your own most inspiring & sustainable daily goal. Just email info@artmonastery.org.

Do I have to be part of a pod?
No, you don’t.

On the registration form, you can opt out of the Artmonk Sangha Pods.

You will also have the option of joining an affinity group.

Do I need to be 'a real artist' to participate in the challenge?

First of all, at the Art Monastery, we believe that everyone is an artist.
Even you.
Especially you!

Secondly, the 100 Day Challenge is fundamentally a life-change social sculpture about TRANSFORMATION

> transformation of how you see yourself

> transformation of your understanding of what you are capable of

> transformation of your definition of spiritual practice and of art making

What kind of art is appropriate for the challenge?

All of it!

YOU determine what your daily goal is, what the shape and scope of your practice is. Your creative expression is utterly unique to you and will likely shift over the course of the 100 days. In the past participants have painted, drawn, photographed, written poetry, journaled, collaged, collaborated with their toddlers, designed tarot cards, found inspiration in the I-Ching, incorporated nature walks, played the same song on guitar every day, sung with a metronome, collected rocks, and more.

Does the challenge require meditation or Buddhist beliefs in order to participate?

Not at all!

While the Art Monastery is deeply rooted in Buddhism and mindfulness meditation, we passionately acknowledge that each individual’s spirituality is their very own and constantly evolving. This program is about connecting with your own authentic practice and making a bridge between your spirituality and your creativity.

Suiko will guide a 10-minute grounding meditation at the beginning of the live calls, but you need no previous experience or beliefs in order to enjoy those.

I don't know if I can handle making a whole piece of art every single day!

You don’t have to!

While some people have written a poem or made a painting every day, that is just one way to engage the Challenge. It is also wonderful to work on a much larger project a little bit each day.

Some daily practices will lend themselves more easily to daily sharing.
Some daily practices may not result in anything tangible.
All are welcome.

The Zoom links and other course information will be emailed to you after you register.

A video from Suiko’s first 100 Day Challenge