Cobalt Red Moon

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Cobalt Red Moon

Cobalt Red Moon

New Moon  July 17, 2023


I despair of midsummer—

as though this gift of sunlight & scented evening

were somehow a clear assay

voluptuous paradisiacal distraction



Art evergreen

the garden mulch

wayward wind, this floating mess

gratitude yes, necessary, vital seed!

but for what? alongside so much death urge

the rats come to the porch, everything disintegrates

tornado, flood, drowning, wealth & bombast

not to mention the cluster bombing, the targeted shot,

the cells with scheduled torture of isolation



This is not poetry, not an aesthetics that births

nurturing spirit wind, cumulus humus fungus

what larger story need be tapped?


Quiet revolutions: the soaked roots of orchid

the cataract of cherry tomatoes volunteering

each distillation into essence an arc of life

epiphytes sharing carbon air


The vessel breathes the sea

a small offering of the land

green bodies under a burning sky

the long day thirsty en route

close the smell of fear

near the hope

apparent the faith

remember remember

the parable of the good Samaritan


Aid the stranger as beloved



Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall. Stranger as Beloved2023. Natural pigments, sumi ink, and rust on paper, 14 x 20″. 

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