Pooling resources to counter the financial impact of white supremacy

You work hard for your money.

The overculture works hard to sell you a story of your own inadequacy.

The Art Monastery works hard to live-into-being a regenerative way forward.

We’re asking you to share your dollars

to share the resources of land access,

supported time for artmaking and encouragement in genuine spiritual inquiry,

to fund the transformative experience of Artmonk Life for Black/Indigenous/People of Color (BIPOC) artists, meditators, and visionaries.

Every winter we send out a series of fundraising appeals. But this year our “ask” is about anti-racism, decolonization, and rebalancing income inequality within our extended community of artists, meditators, and visionaries.

This year’s donations are for BIPOC Artmonk Residencies.

We’ve got a good thing going—at this point hundreds of people from all over the world can attest to the liberatory nourishment of Artmonk Life.

Now our work together is to hold the door open, to ensure that the economic impact of white supremacy does not dictate who can and can’t be an Artmonk, to fulfill the Art Monastery’s potential as a site of cultural regeneration. 

Our dream is for all Art Monastery programming to be offered as a gift, but so far in order to keep the doors open, we’ve had to put a price tag on joining our programs.

This year those prices will still be there, but with your support, we can remove that barrier to entry for BlPOC Artmonks!

We believe in resource pooling as an alternative to the stranglehold of rugged individualism, scarcity mentality, and financial competition; hence the “subsidized,” “full,” and “professional” sliding scale on all our programs.  But income inequality is not color blind. The legacy of indigenous genocide, black slavery, and the perpetuation of white supremacy continue to disfigure our communities. By creating supported time and space for BIPOC artists and practitioners, the Art Monastery is joining to a broader movement that begins by acknowledging the harms of the past, injustices of the present, and the direct link between those stories. 

Because the Art Monastery’s work of recentering earth-based spiritual nourishment—as the wellspring of visionary artmaking—cannot be just for white people.

Because BIPOC artists and meditators are at the forefront of the process of cultural transformation that creates a more vibrant, loving world for all.

Because the liberatory experience of land access, enlivening support for the creative process, and the deep nourishment of genuine spiritual inquiry only fulfill their promise of nurturing culture shift when these resources are shared in solidarity across gender, class, and race.

Please join us in taking this baby step towards collectivism. This Year-End Fundraising campaign is not to cover some non-profit organizational deficit, or to pay ourselves back for the gifts we’ve already given this past year. By pooling our resources, we can make space for the spiritual practice and creative expression of BIPOC Artmonks who bear the brunt of this country’s dis-ease.

Please donate to fund BIPOC scholarships
in our upcoming summer programs.

Your donation is 100% tax deductible.