Contemplating Second Life

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It’s been years since I stopped into Second Life, but here are a few spots for contemplatively inclined avatars:

Saint Francis Church and Monastery

“Saint Francis Church and Monastery offers a serene and quiet location perfect for personal reflection, meditation, prayer, or a religious service. Enjoy the stunning beauty of this tranquil island and take time to meander through the lush surroundings.” Visit this location.

Saint Catherine’s Monastery

“Based on its real-world counterpart in Sinai, Egypt, the monastery includes icons and a Library as well as the main Katholicon and the Mosaic of the Transfiguration.” Visit this location.

Kannonji Zen Retreat

“Meditate in a peaceful mountain setting at Kannonji Zen Retreat, a group owned and operated Buddhist practice center in Second Life. Don’t miss the weekly Buddhist discussion groups.” Visit this location.

The Tower of Meditation

“Ready to relax? The Tower of Meditation stretches 350 meters into the sky with a 700-step spiral staircase, and it’s an extraordinary climb through the scattered clouds. Relaxing music, meditation cushions and a spectacular view make the visit above the clouds a unique experience.” Visit this location.


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