Isle of Noises

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Isle of Noises

The Isle of Noises

Saturday, October 13 at 8 pm 
The Center SF

548 Fillmore, San Francisco
$15 online, $20 at the door


Starring Art Monastery Project Co-Founder and renowned tenor, Christopher Fülling, as well as Artmonk Lesley Littlefield.

Incorporating Visual Art, Vendor Marketplace, Interactive Art and Performances, and Curiosities,
“The Isle of Noises” is an evening of performance, participation and period-specific revelry.

This Theatrical Arts Salon will include all the elements of the Trickster’s usual format (Visual Art, Vendor Marketplace, Interactive Art and Performances, Costumes, and Curiosities) while working with a team of experienced theater professionals to add into the mix Scripted Characters, Rehearsed Theater Performance and more Elaborate Set Design.

The Isle of Noises is an evening of performance, participation and period-specific revelry, presided over by Doktor Prospero, whose investigations into the metaphysical implications of sound have resulted in the christening of a new field of inquiry known as “metaphonics.” The good Doktor and his sister have convened this exposition at this pivotal millennial moment to investigate how the physical principles of sonic stimulation might affect the human creature in these darkening times. Using the most advanced turn-of-the-twentieth century technology and based on solid Edwardian-era aesthetics and moral philosophies, we will invite our audience to transcend the tyranny of the visible and open up their ears (those truly unmatched machines of nature!) to the strange noises of the beyond.

In The Gallery

Kristen Adam
Sandi Billingsley
Aaron Almanza
John Benko
Angele Labastide
Stephanie Mufson
Others TBA

In The Market Place

Sarah Al-Kassab
Ingrid Heller
Kora Hayes
Jeanne LaDeaux
Aaron Almanza
Tim Gordon
Vincent Foxworth
Mary Anne
Others TBA!

Main Stage Performances by

Christopher Fülling
Lesley Littlefield
Jon Deline
Carina Earl
Original Script by 
Beth Hersh
Directed by
Joy Brooke Farifield and Stephanie Mufson



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