Jim & John’s visit to the Art Monastery!

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Our dear friends Jim Stewart & John Zderic visited us last week in the former monastery Colle di Costa in Labro and wrote this lovely blog about their experience in Italy. Check out their photo gallery at http://web.me.com/jimrstewart/Site/Italia.html.  Thanks Jim & John!!

Ciao Amici!

We’re just back from our trip.  To say it was great time would be the understatement of our lifetimes.

We are in love with the village of Labro, the site of the Art Monastery Project and home to our many of our new friends.  Labro is an excellent place to spend a few days and from which to make day trips to the beautiful villages in Umbira or Lazio.  The Art Monastery is an exciting project managed by some of the most talented, energetic and friendly people on the planet.  We had a taste of their efforts on our first night (go ahead, ask us anything you want about castrate, the humors of the body or the sexy side of singing courtisans!).  The lodgings at the monastery are provided by Colle di Costa and are in one of the most striking renovated monasteries you could imagine.  Best of all is the attached restaurant (Ristorante Pizzeria Ulisse) where each meal was a masterpiece.  Visit these places soon before they are over-booked: www.artmonastery.org; info@colledicosta.it and 0746.636295 for Ristorante Ulisse.

We bookend-ed our visit to the countryside by a few days in Rome.  The Hotel San Anselmo (www.aventinohotels.com) was the perfect place to escape the craziness of central Rome (even though it was just a few short blocks from the sights).  Book this hotel via Tablet Hotels for the best deals (www.tablethotels.com).

Everywhere we went the food and wine was excellent, the people friendly and helpful and it was warm and sunny.  Did we mention the food & wine??!!!

For a little peek at our travels, visit our new site: http://web.me.com/jimrstewart/Site/Italia.html

We can’t wait to return and if you’re interested in making a trip to Italy we have plenty of good stories and more recommendations.


Jim & John

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