Moon of Active Hope

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Moon of Active Hope

Full Moon December 12, 2019

Moon of Active Hope

Fullness is cyclical,

courage to act

comes & goes too—

let it begin

with me.

Quiet, beauty, nature

healthcare, shelter,

honorable work—

diverse cultures & species,

song, seeds & ceremonies:

so much to draw upon

so much dawn to come

so many ways to welcome

a stranger to the feast.

We are small emergent cohorts

offering respect & seeking consent

celebrating unique pronouns

& the agency & dignity

they represent—

neighborhood councils, mealtime prayers,

fireside rituals, comings of age,

hospice work, midlife crises

the brave moment

is always now.

Let us be small in carbon,

deeply content to sort out difficulties,

do un-fragile repair work,

knit creative resiliences

with keen & queer weave—

craft social justice beauty presence

voicing intersectional solidarity

always aligned with the vulnerable.

Within our many-bodied moon,

numinous rainbow light

refracting infinite-fold

upon long-tide waters—

we invite transformation

to nurture us hearthward,

birthing partnerships

of peace, peace, peace.

We become the startling light of ordinary joy,

a plain strong beacon together

the healing power of vulnerability

rising bright in cold winter solstice dark—

among the frost-popping trees,

on icicle city streets,

at desert water stations

in visionary conversation

full with love—

loving the full

as well the half-empty.

Let it begin

with me.

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