Aleph Portal Moon

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Aleph Portal Moon

Aleph Portal Moon

 New Moon  January 21, 2023

A letter in the mail on a weekday
A friend writes what a child said to her:
A portal is a line ending in a field.
And I think of my love of earth holes
And how anything, anyone, might shelter there
And that for me a portal is a moon
About which so much may be imagined
About whose field there is a dark energy
About whom we here on Earth make much ado
Ado for a wisdom aspect of reflective matter
Ado undiminished by scientific materialism
Ado that revitalizes fools & lovers & seas
As the breath is a swinging door
As the night is a box seat in an insect opera
As we touch the prayer wheel with hope
Again the mouse, the worm, the rabbit, the fox
Again the burrowing owl, the rare earth miner
Again along our ephemeral line within the radiant field.



Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Matter of Everydayness2014. Ink on paper, 15×12″. 

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