Practice Being Yourself

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Full Moon April 7, 2020

practice kindness

practice awakening practice freedom

practice generosity practice welcoming what is practice open door policy

practice miracles practice being yourself practice being yourself practice

being yourself practice connection practice breathing practice relaxing

practice patience practice forgiveness practice practice

practice not seeking perfection practice seeing perfection practice idyll

practice aimless  wandering practice dreaming practice seeing the good

practice speaking the good practice embodiment

practice solitude-in-company practice smiling practice crying

practice being present practice giving presence

practice practice practice going beyond practice going backwards practice

alternation practice intuition practice dying practice being born practice

awakening practice walking practice impermanence practice

transformation practice mutual aid practice fearlessness practice dawn

view practice earth worship practice zero waste practice radical equality

practice freedom practice deep sleep practice somatic justice practice kinship

practice gently practice widely

practice kindness


Text and spore print by Qayyum Johnson

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