Renegade Insurgence 2012

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Altar to FoodAltar to FoodLiz, Molly, and Betsy hike in the rain.After the asteroid hit, ferns were the first to recover, blanketing North America.Altar to Death, No Form, and Darkness

renegade insurgence, a set on Flickr.

The last weekend in January, a few artmonks gathered at a private home in Kenginston, CA, to experiment with a new form of the Artmonk Retreat. The idea was to share silence and contemplation and from that space collaborate on a shared project: creating a recording. This concept was developed within the context of the first Art Monastic Cycle: Death, darkness, no-form, the void, the mystery. As such we practiced the Vigils service each night, singing Gregorian chant at midnight.

The culmination of the retreat was the first Artmonk vow ceremony.

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