Self-Care Moon At Rest

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Self-Care Moon At Rest

New Moon, January 24, 2020

Foundling winter moon

as new as a river hushed in ice

running all quiet & brown

cattail, caribou or bats quiver

in almost-light under a great distance.


We look into the fire

for ashen moon traces.


We yelp & cuddle

calling were-strangers in close

to feed necessary demons

their requisite fear & doubt

as they ghost through lean & fair.


Our world has changed

& we are the world

so we are undergoing & going under

the spell of our species unknowing ourself

gone deep into a geologic weirding

we done did & continue doing—

hold loose all you hold, Dear, &

be at heart leveled with your loves.


Take measure of your waste stream

replace plastic single-use idolatrous affairs

with something from your hands

(eat with your fingers again!)

bring everything to the giveaway

& be serious fun while shimmering.


Turn around as a world awake

walking walking walking

the end uncannily open

a dark road in dark time

reassure your animal self:

everything’s included.


text: Qayyum Johnson

painting: Suiko McCall. Fits Into Spacelessness, 2018. Ink on paper, 14×12″.

More plastic in education?

Less plastic in education?

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