Summer Lab in Full Bloom

Summer Lab in Full Bloom

Here are a collection of images from the Summer Artmonks from the first few weeks of the Summer Lab.

All photos by Anaya (fabric dyer / costume designer / Art Monastery Cruise Director) unless otherwise noted.

The view of the house and the barn on the way back up from the river.

Neva leads Catalyst Training in the barn. We are healthier and happier as a community when we move together!

Lunch prep starts with a harvest from the garden.

…and winds up on the table. We are so grateful for the abundance of nourishment!

Shawn & Neva lead rehearsal for Bootstraps.

An artist-in-residence offers ideas in the rehearsal room.


Raff & Kaitlin throw themselves into rehearsal.



Betsy loves weeding.


Shawn Shafner, director of this summer’s show, also maintains our composting toilet! We are so proud to be closing the cycle of nourishment and taking responsibility for our waste. Thank you Shawn!

Anaya, Art Monastery Cruise Director, fabric dyer, sewer, costume designer in the newly created workshop in the side barn. (Photo by Gerry McCulloch, photographer / cinematographer / Betsy’s collaborator on Mirror)

Sage, at her post. (Photo by Gerry)

Raff & Neva open the first Artshare by thanking the Muse.


Lively feedback with the audience at the end of the first Artshare.

Our neighbor Jared invites us to hike through his land whenever we like. These beautiful forests are just across the street from us. Thank you for demonstrating generosity and sweet neighborly welcoming, Jared! (Photo by Gerry)


Day Lilies abound in our yard! We put them on salads and the butterflies like them too. (Photo by Gerry)


Even the chard has a great view.


Left to right: Summer Artmonk Kaitlin June, Core Team Member Raphael Sacks, Summer Artmonk Gerry McCulloch, Summer Artmonk Shawn Shafner, Artist-in-Residence Jeanne Liotta, Core Team Member Betsy McCall, Worktrader Caitlin Ferrell


Anaya basks in the glory of summer! (Photo by Shawn)


The neighbors came over for a potluck! (Photo by Shawn)

Thank you note from a returning artist-in-residence.


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