The Syllable Ah Moon

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The Syllable Ah Moon

The Syllable Ah Moon

—In praise of pratityasamutpada:
    interdependent co-arising


Full Moon  August 30, 2023


A circle, a turtle

A sea, a moon

A field of fire

A friend demented

Here goes there

Find a singular

Name an unconnected

Identify unchanging

Sit in that shape

Your borrowed mind

Hallucination, mirage

Rainbow hovering dream

In a cave, look out

Summer petals browned

Wind from the east

Whitecaps, a far point

A square, a spiral

A place, awareness

Awake, alive

For now



Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall. Sit in this Shape, 2023. Ink on paper, available as a print (in a variety of sizes) at suiko.art


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