Announcing the International Otherhood of Artmonks!

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The Art Monastery Project is proud to announce a network for Artmonks, Artmystics, and other Contemplative Creatives worldwide: the International Otherhood of Artmonks.

For now, you can join us on Facebook and Twitter; stay tuned for the launch of artmonks.net!

What does an Otherhood of Artmonks do?  Among other things, it will:

  • facilitate the creation of art monasteries around the world
  • hold meditation and art-making retreats (see pictures below of the first Artmonk Retreat)
  • network artmonks, artmystics, and other contemplative creatives
  • provide a platform where different contemplative creative ways of life can emerge
  • publish works on art, monasticism, etc.
  • produce and commission enduring touring works of art and music
  • produce podcasts and self-guided art-meditation retreats
  • give back to the community with youth workshops and volunteer projects.

To kick it off, we recently held the very first Artmonk Retreat in Joshua Tree, CA.  For 8 days, contemplative teachers Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey led a group of 15 artmonks through monastic practices of concentration meditation, reflective meditation, and mindfulness meditation.

Here are some pictures of our first artmonk retreat:

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