Arrivederci Labro

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Arrivederci Labro

Dear Labro,

What a wonderful three years it has been. We will miss you unflinching beauty in every type of weather. We will miss your mystical silence and whispering stones. We will miss the sense that you are one pretty big movie set, with a consistent cast of characters and occasional guest appearances by newcomers. We hope to see you again, maybe this summer?


The Artmonks


Photo essay

Our decision-making process to go south was more intuitive than intellectual.


But we will always be grateful to Labro & Colle di Costa,

the old dinner table,

the old living room / dining room / kitchen / hearth,


and to the land itself.

(The above four photos are by Kyle Fried.)


Moments after we made the official decision to go down south, it started to snow.


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