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Art Monastery Project Looking to Fill Three Roles

  • Volunteer Coordinator & Facilities Manager (full time from May through early October)
  • Work-Trade Helper Artists (part time, dates flexible)
  • Visiting Chef (full-time for the month of May)

We are seeking a few spirited folks to become a part of our dream.

The Art Monastery Project seeks to create world-class art by applying monastic principles to art-making instead of religion. We are transforming a monastery 45-minutes NE of Rome, in Calvi dell’Umbria, into an international non-profit arts production center. While the monastery is under construction, we are running a prototype of the community at the Casale Santa Brigida, just 5 minutes from the monastery.

In addition to an unforgettable work experience, there are many pleasures awaiting everyone who comes to stay with us. Participate, if you wish, in daily meditations and meals with inspiring visionaries. There will be time to enjoy the infinity pool, wifi, excursions, performances, and all that Umbria has to offer. Check out the Calendar to see which workshops, symposia, exhibitions, performances and artist residencies will be going on during your stay. We pride ourselves in our exceptional Italian and world cuisine, and we are happy to offer vegetarian options. Please let us know of your other special dietary needs.

If your heart goes aflutter when you imagine living amongst artists and intentional, contemplative thinkers, please contact betsy@artmonastery.org.

For more information about the Art Monastery Project or about Casale Santa Brigida, please visit the websites: www.artmonastery.org and www.casalesantabrigida.org.

Volunteer Coordinator & Facilities Manager

We are looking for an energetic dreamer to trade full-time work for room & board at our drop dead gorgeous former B&B, the headquarters of our intentional community.

Responsibilities: Assist in the everyday operations involved in running an international arts center and agriturismo-style guesthouse
Organize volunteers to tend the grounds (weeding & watering the garden, cleaning the pool, cleaning rooms, etc.)

When: from May to early October, with the potential to stay longer
Where: live onsite, surrounded by the breathtaking views, nestled in an organic olive grove, overlooking the infinity pool of Casale Santa Brigida
Calvi dell’Umbria, Italy, 45 minutes NE of Rome
Who: someone who yearns to be amongst people who are willing to do the work it takes to change the world, an organized and upbeat, self-motivated lover of the arts, Italian fluency/familiarity a plus but not required, an outdoorsy type who finds satisfaction in beautifully kept grounds, and enjoys creative problem solving and is generally a handy fix-it type person. This role is best suited for someone who is highly organized, outgoing, and comfortable directing volunteers and assisting artists and visitors who come to stay with the project.

The compensation for your work, as with everyone else on the team, is via room & board. Although we are working toward the possibility of offering salaries, we are not able to do so at this time.

To apply for this position, please send your resume and letter of intent to

Betsy McCall

Work-Trade Helper Artists

We are seeking 2 to 3 workers to trade simple manual labor around the grounds for a lovely shared room at the inn. The ideal person loves to pour themselves into a task, seeing the art of doing even menial tasks with brilliance. The ideal person for this position is also an artist, musician, or performer who will take inspiration from living in this creative community, sees the challenges of living in rural Italy as a wild and beautiful adventure, and would be thrilled at the opportunity to play assisting roles in our performances and art installations.

Work 5 hours/day for 6 days/week. Stay for a minimum of 7 nights. (The schedule can be doubled up so that you work more on certain days and have more days off.)
After your work each day, you are free to explore the countryside, make a day trip to Rome, relax by the pool, or develop your art projects.

You bring your tent and camp in the organic olive grove.
You can pitch in €10/day to cover food costs and eat with the rest of the team.

While you are with us you are a member of the community and therefore participate the same way the long-term members do: cleaning up after the meals you eat and a regularly scheduled group cleaning. Regularly scheduled group cleaning work includes gardening, cooking prep, cleaning, and maintenance of the pool and grounds. Other than that, you are here to learn with us, to enjoy yourself, and to participate in the daily life of the Art Monastery Project as much as you like. We pride ourselves in our exceptional Italian and world cuisine and we are happy to include vegetarian options. Please let us know if you have other dietary restrictions.

To see if we have space available for these sought after positions, please contact

Betsy McCall

Visiting Chef for May

The Art Monastery is looking for a visiting chef for May and early June. This is an incredibly fun opportunity to live and work in our artist community during a time of active art production! One of our previous chefs remembers,

“I was rolling out pastry dough for a plum tart to the sound of musicians and vocalist practicing for the Renaissance festival to take place in Calvi.  I was transported to a timeless place, a place where music, art making, and daily chores existed side by side with no separation. It was pure inspiration. One art carries over into the other and the lines that distinguishes each art form are blurred into oneness. Truly spiritual.”

We are looking for someone experienced in cooking for groups (ours will range from 10 to 20), cooking for our team members, artists, and workshop participants. We provide helpers before each meal. The chef is responsible for designing the meal plan, directing the volunteers, and executing lunches & dinners 6 days/week.

As with all full-time Art Monastery Team positions, this role is compensated in room&board. Currently, no one in the project earns a monetary salary. We hope to change this soon, but currently, this is the situation.

If your heart goes aflutter when you imagine living amongst artists and intentional, contemplative thinkers, please contact betsy@artmonastery.org.

Not able to participate in one of the above opportunities but want to visit the Art Monastery Project in Italy?
For information on upcoming workshops and visits, email Mia at info@artmonastery.org.

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