Bare Branch Bodhicitta

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Bare Branch Bodhicitta

Bare Branch Bodhicitta

Full Moon December 29, 2020

Meditate on whatever provokes resentment.

                                         —Chogyam Trungpa


mice ate the organic soap,

the new tires are low on air,

reading glasses scratched

more white temple hairs


flags of the fascist party still flying

evictions, hunger, violence, caste domination

the plow brought down peace flags

while clearing & salting the road—


indoors too much, sitting too long,

the screen too far removed from love


inequality proliferates,

democracy deteriorates

sitting practice contemplates

the waterfalling of mind


mice also ate all the winter garden

topping the kale & cabbage

tunneling through arugula & lettuce

squirrels are steadily chewing

holes in the chestnut wood barn


patience is the long light

laying over the land

returning to sensation

formation, consciousness


everything is hungry

we vow

our share

of moon




Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall — suiko.art
Breath II, 2020. Ink on paper, digitally manipulated, 11×8″. 


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