Blue Moon in May

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Blue Moon in May

Before there was electric light and so many screens, people were more effected by changes in the natural light from the moon and sun.

Traditionally women’s bodies were especially impacted by the phases of the moon. Under the bright light of the full moon, women used to ovulate. Menstruation comes 14 days after ovulation, so because ovulation happened with the full moon, women would then bleed under the darkness of the new moon.

This time of fertility was naturally supported or drawn out by the brightness of the full moon.

With ovulation comes increased energy, fullness, socialization, and sex drive—all further facilitated by the fact that people could be up at night seeing each other by the light of the moon.

Whether or not you menstruate, and whether or not your menstrual cycle aligns in this way with the moon, you can still tap into this natural flow of energy. So on this full Blue Moon in May, we invite you to ask yourself what is very alive in your life?

What is fertile?

What has energy and is flourishing?

And how can you best honor and support the natural life, newness, and possibility under this full moon?

Post inspired by: “Her Blood is Gold: Celebrating the Power of Menstruation,” Book by Lara Owen

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