Breathe In All Directions

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Breathe In All Directions

Breathe In All Directions

Full Moon November 30, 2020

I dig into earth with wet hands
wanting a bridge to the sun
to appear open & thickly peopled
by the happy ancestors of ceremony:
grandmothers whose essence is essential
cornsilken, resplendent, nurturing, benevolent
grand uncles flamboyant trans & passing as wolf
night heron, river valley, milky way
strong sisters of the light, engaged in natural love
brothers sharing brilliant swales of yarn
as they knit & admire the vein patterns
which connect every being at their luminous core
mineral musics swoop on arcs, every lilt attended,
a drifting dance of spider silk twisting beech leaves
breathing upon currents of indivisible presence
all of us
from the earth—
the angels are future seeds come visiting
gay aura so sweet & gregarious, indelible power
of life calling life into momentary grace
that is co-bestowed thanksgiving ceremony:
awakening, alive, together, vaulted kin
manifest in sensations sans language
only touching living ground, the whole of her
giving itself to her, she who is you, me, we, us, all
the caressing air, sounds of many names passed
ritual moments enacted again it is true:
this is never not now, already gone
& still arriving, so touch my face for real
while the moon is full tonight, yesterday
space all around
at the end of breath
boundaryless body
passions & grief
Thank you Indigenous, Black & not-White folks
for voting & offering hope to the world again-again-again.
We give unending gratitude for your dreaming courage.
Your resiliency & organizing made it happen.
May we rise together for the weal of all.

Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall, suiko.art 

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