2019 Calendar

Ongoing Programs


Weeklong self led Artist Residencies available various dates between May 5 and October 17

Sliding Scale $75-125/night

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Join our Worktrade crew and experience the Art Monastery from the inside various dates between May 5 and October 17.


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Please contact info@artmonastery.org if you have any questions about getting involved.

Past 2019 Programs


Come and see Co-Founder Betsy’s latest paintings & drawings in San Francisco

Opening Reception — January 4 — Facebook event.

More about Betsy McCall: New Works


Start the year off right with fun and fulfilling movement classes

$60 for the series

January 3 – February 3, various locations in Vermont

More about Contemporary Dance and Catalyst Training, registration info and Facebook events


Connect with the earth and learn a revolutionary form of drawing


Registration Deadline — January 1, 2019 — Register here.

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Engage with the creative process of Loom Ensemble

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Immersive exhibition and workshop in London, UK


A collaboration amongst the Art Monastery, Royal College of Art, and Goldsmiths, University of London

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Enliven your body with 3-hour Catalyst Training in the morning, the rest of your day is energized for your creative practice, optional shares in the evening.

June 25-30

Early Bird Deadline (Save $100): May 18

Registration Deadline: June 18

Sliding Scale $450-850

More about the Embodied Artist


Learn the Way of the Artmonk in this silent meditation retreat aimed at fanning the creative flame.

July 16-21

Early Bird Deadline (save $100): June 4

Registration Deadline: July 9

Sliding Scale $450-850

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A week of silent artmaking in an intimate container. Meditation & singing in the morning & evening, the rest of the day for to deepen your creative practice.

July 23-28

Early Bird Registration Deadline (save $100): June 11

Registration Deadline: July 16

Sliding Scale $450-850

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Movement, singing, and ceremony with Pilobolus dancer and Art Monastery Co-Director Neva Cockrell

August 1-4

Early Bird Registration Deadline (save $50): June 15

Registration deadline: July 25 extended to Monday July 29


More about Wild&Well


Experience writing as a process of reception with Zen priest and published author Catherine Gammon

Early Bird Registration Deadline (save $50): July 4

Registration Deadline: August 16

August 30-September 2


More about Writing as a Wisdom Project


Explore the connection between art & Zen with Art Monastery Abbess Betsy McCall and Abiding Abbess of Zen Center Fu Shroeder at Tassajara Zen Mountain Center in California

August 12-16


More about HeartMind: Art & Zen