Call for Dancers and Performers

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Call for Dancers and Performers

Call for Dancers and Physical-Theater Performers

The Art Monastery Project is hosting Catalyst, a new dance-theater company and physical training technique, in 7-weeks of focused research this summer in Vermont. We are still looking for 1 to 2 more performers to join us for this development period!

What: Performers to train in a variety of physical techniques and collaboratively begin building a new interdisciplinary performance based out of the physical training. You would need to commit to two hours of training and two hours of rehearsal, 5 days a week.

Where: Springfield, Vermont

When: June 11th – August 1st

Cost: All summer artists will share the cost of food and housing, about $60/week for housing, and $5-$10 per day for food

For more information about this summer’s Art Monastic Laboratory, check out the program page.

For more information about Catalyst, check out Neva’s blog post.

To apply, please e-mail neva.cockrell@gmail.com.

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Catalyst Company

The Catalyst Company is rooted in the Catalyst Training Technique. All company members train daily and use the training program as the foundation for performance creation. By continually studying and coming back to the overlap of training and creativity, we are building work that comes from the lived experience of our bodies. This makes the work compelling, real, grounded and diverse. We believe that by training the body and mind, we can become more attuned to the reality of what it means to be alive and make art from this place — art that deeply connects, inspires, challenges, and gives voice to shared human experiences.

Community Life

This summer’s development phase of Catalyst is being hosted by the Art Monastery Project, an organization that explores the overlap of contemplation, creativity, and community. The Art Monastery Project will offer a foundation of contemplative practice and rich community over the summer research period. Catalyst will share the residency with Betsy McCall and a few other visual artists and designers. All artists will be living communally, sharing meals and chores, and participating in a daily/weekly community schedule. There will be daily group meditation and weekly ceremony to support the work of the artists and our collective community.


Photos by Keith Lim

For more information about this summer’s Art Monastic Laboratory, check out the program page.

For more information about Catalystcheck out Neva’s blog post.

To apply, please e-mail neva@artmonastery.org.

To apply as a visual artist or writer, please email betsy@artmonastery.org.

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