ChangeMaker Festival

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ChangeMaker Festival

The Art Monastery is honored to co-organize the ChangeMaker Festival along with the other seven european organizations that comprise the International Partnership for Transformative Learning. It’s not too late! Join us at the festival!

ChangeMaker Festival

July 6 – 11, 2014

Zagreb, Croatia

The ChangeMaker Festival is a place for today’s leaders in revolutionary, life-long learning to gather in order to connect, collaborate, and celebrate. It will be a dynamic week of sharing, learning, and nurturing that ignites a spark in each individual and organization. We hope that this is just the beginning of meaningful and sustainable change in the field of lifelong learning and in the world at large.

What will it be like?

The week-long gathering will be a mix of organized activities, hosted zones, exploratory free time, nourishing group activities, and a celebratory atmosphere. This structure is designed for you to be self organized, get what you need, and give what you want.

Throughout the festival, you can choose to participate in activities where you will experience different methods and designed processes offered by the eight organizations of IPTL. You are also welcome to sign-up to present activities on the first day or throughout the festival. You can explore the hosted zones –  free spaces to work creatively, meditate, connect, or learn something new. Or you can go off on your own for a walk in the woods. Whatever you like! It’s your festival, and we are creating this transformation journey together. In the spirit of a co-created experience, there will also be an opportunity to sign-up for chores and share responsibility of caring for the space.

Our melting points will be on the first and last day for opening and closing ceremonies. During the week, we will gather for mealtimes and in small focus groups. This creates space for us to connect to a smaller group and discuss what we are learning and new aspects that we want to bring into our daily life. We also encourage you to bring to the festival a challenge that you are currently working with personally or in your organization. We will specifically create space throughout the festival to work together on these challenges and create and share fresh approaches to creating solutions. We will also host a market fair evening, where you can share the treasures of your organization with the other participants of the festival.

Who will be there?

This co-hosted, interactive festival will be attended by a full spectrum of representatives from each of the eight learning partners. We are also inviting like-minded colleagues, potential collaborators, and respected peers to work, play and make change together. This will be the official launching of the International Partnership for Transformative Learning (IPTL), and the tangible start of this movement. It is our hope that this will be the first annual ChangeMaker festival – a place for every participating organisation and person to share and showcase their gifts and specialities, take home an experience of community and nourishment, and make tangible progress on their challenges.

What will I get from the festival?

At the ChangeMaker festival, you can:

  • connect to other brave people who host transformation
  • surround yourself with nature
  • share and work on your organization’s challenges in a creative way
  • experience and make art
  • collaborate on new ideas and projects
  • find your own rhythm
  • learn, teach, inspire and be inspired, celebrate, and re-energize your spirit!

For more info, please visit http://hostingtransformation.eu/festival/

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