Concert and Fundraising in SF – February 18, 2012

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Save the Date: Saturday, February 18

On Saturday, February 18, in the Diego Rivera Gallery of the San Francisco Art Institute (800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco), the Artmonks will perform a concert that is the culmination of an 8-day meditation retreat. During this week these artists will have been diving in deeply together, mostly in silence, marking the beginning and ending of each day with Gregorian chant. We look forward to inviting you in to our “dropped in” state, sharing with you the music that unites us all.

Last year’s concert, held at the Integratron in southern California, brought numerous folks — both audience members and performers — to tears. There is something magical that happens when a group of people sits in meditation together, and these concerts illustrate that aurally. Please enjoy this video from the Artmonk Retreat Concert 2011.


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