Days 3 & 4: Drawing = Meditation

Days 3 & 4: Drawing = Meditation

For me, drawing from life is about slowing down to experience the thing in front of you. Drawing is about forgetting what you think the subject looks like. Drawing is paying attention, tuning in at such a deeply quiet and still level that you become one with your subject. Drawing is meditation.

Going directly from sitting meditation to drawing lends my drawing attitude a certain abandon. The point is not to wind up with a genius drawing. The point is to really sit with the plant.

Lunch break. Are you noticing a theme?


Yesterday, Liz and I went for a walk to talk about potential work that the three of us (along with Charles, who was restringing his guitar) could create together. These were our surroundings on the walk.



Today, all three of us spent the afternoon developing our ideas for collaboration.

The creative team meeting.

The conference room.

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