Do Nothing Moon

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Do Nothing Moon

Do Nothing Moon

Full Moon  October 9, 2022

but listen
for a moment, to do nothing
or not even that, only snowbright attention
a hibiscus-white instantiation of being
relaxed thread of breath sung broad in wind
the question of why life is like this remains
ready to flood the openings with abstraction
leave the circle free & unbound for now
allow the axis of this moment to pirouette
like a dark bird riding thermals into vanishment
there may be no conclusion beyond this
nothing promises a mountain will spill secrets
pure awareness touches nothing
no contact because no separation
moon leaves earth shadows rustle moonlight
like nothing, prayer expresses presence
an empty flash that was goes forever
turned around in great ocean music
bow to a question as it rounds to merge endings
listen breath circle awareness surrender
the whole nothing a gift alive & bowing

Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. The Vastness of the Dewdrop, 2020. Ink on Yupo, 8.5 x 9″. Available at suiko.art.

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