The Art Monastery cultivates personal awakening and cultural transformation

through art, community, and contemplation.

If this vision touches and inspires you, we invite you to join us.

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Our Supporters


The Art Monastery Project and all the good that comes out of it is made possible by the generosity of heart of our supporters. It is an unending renewal of hope and energy for those of us who are dedicating their lives to the project, in the hope that all beings will benefit from this work. To our donors of time, heart, and financial support, we thank you.

“I can no other answer make but
thanks and thanks.”

~William Shakespeare


$5,000 or more

G. Parker Johnson

Microsoft Matching Fund

$1,000 to $4,999


Peter Albers

Shirley Fuelling

Nadine Kano

Adele Scott McCall

Gari Sprott

Andy Stack

$500 to $999


Transcontinental Events

J.C. Cannon

Cindy, Lola Alan Macy

$101 to $499


Yumi Abei

Matthew Acuff

Raphael Barker

Annette Bauer

Roger Dawn Calafato

Shafeen Charania

Julie Chinnock

Octavio Choi

Denis Coleman

William Dailey

Lesley Freeman

Leah A. Hofkin

Jascha Hoffman

Incantato Tours

Gary Johnson & Princess Paulette Pumpkin

Liz Maxwell

Betsy McCall

Henry McNair


Mark Smolenski

Pierre Theodore

Sara Huey Thompson

Sandra Weinacht

Up to $100


Lincoln Blaisdell

Christina Buras

Amber Bammers! Cady

Parks Coyle

Charles Darius

Anne Davis

DJ Franky

Candace Feldman

Philip Franchini

Molly Freedenberg

Sky Gilbar

Maria Carmen Guerra

Peter Haas

Dana Harrison

Michael & Patricia Helm

Kenneth Helman

Justin Hoover

Dick & Sally Huey

Heloise Jacob

Daniel & Anzhelika Johnson

Rault Kehlor

Stormy King

Jennie Knaggs

Theresa Krueger-Chimento

Graeme Lachance

Edward Maxwell & Bebita Augustin

Katie McCall

Molly McCall

Dominic Mariani

Ken Montgomery

Rina Nikolchev

Rachel Ostrow

Kevin Reynolds

Tyler Ross

Tom & Cathy Samanen

Lynn Santa Lucia

Moira Smiley

Laura Taylor

Maureen & Charles Taylor

Christina Vani

Mattea Vani

Daniel & Katie Westreich

Dr Deb Windham

Joanna Winter

Our deep gratitude to Gerard Jara & Magda Barceló Profile: Gerard Jara, Visitor/Donor

When Spanish businessman Gerard Jara visited Art Monastery Italia in August for a long weekend with his partner Magda Barceló, he wasn’t prepared for a transformative experience. But after just three days with the artmonks, he was inspired to donate 3,000 euros, hire the Art Monastery to design his company’s holiday card, and write a beautiful email, excerpted below.

“You are working to pursue dreams of art and community, of creativity and straightforwardness… I’d like to say that there’s a holiness in what you’re trying to do, and holiness has never been an easy path to walk…

In a world of chaos and social and economic dispute, your community is a source of light and inspiration for me… What really matters is the honest and sincere spirit that you put every day into your work.”




Our volunteer worktrade program has become one of the Art Monastery’s most important and influential methods of outreach, publicity, and recruiting. Worktraders are like-minded souls from all over the world, who sleep in tents and work 5 hours per day, 6 days per week, performing duties from gardening and manual labor to data entry and prop making. Whether they plan to volunteer for a week or a month, they almost
always are inspired to extend their stay – some for life. The people who have come through this program have touched the Artmonks’ lives as much as the project has touched theirs, and we are profoundly grateful for their contributions.

Niqui Bott

Roy Blodgett

Giuseppe Clinamen Menna

Charles Darius

Billy Dancing Moose

Noortje Deley

Milou van Dueren den Hollander

Hannah Ezzell

Chantelle Ferri

Molly Freedenberg

Christopher Fülling

Edie Heller

Leah Hofkin

Victoria Jones

Nadine Kano

Darragh Kelly

Anne Lamotte

Elizabeth Laurance

Jane Lyons

James Marketos

Mia Martin

Liz Maxwell

Robert Maxwell

Betsy McCall

Lenka Pesch

Kevin Reynolds

Nathan Rosquist

Holley Roberts

Gerri Ruef

Stella Sacdalan

Nemos Savvides

David Shakiban

Catherine Sieck

Katherine Stuart Sheppard

Pierre Theodore

Stuart Updegrave

Christina Vani

Laurel Visher

Tilly Walker Wood