Join the movement

with a donation & celebrate the

Art Monastery’s 10th year of

making meaning!

We are delighted to announce that

we have a group of anonymous donors offering

to match all donations

until December 31.

Make your donation twice as meaningful

by making a gift today.



MAKE MEANING out of madness

MAKE A SIGN out of “trash”

MAKE A DONATION out of love


  • Post an UNselfie with your own #MakeMeaning sign.
  • Use whatever you have around right now— take something out of your recycling bin for this mini-art project!
  • Keep it simple! Do it now!
  • Tag us so we can re-post you:

Instagram: @artmonasteryproject

Facebook: @artmonastery

  • Go ahead and copy&paste to go with your social media post of your sign:

I just donated to the Art Monastery as part of the #MAKEMEANING campaign.
Join me!  http://www.artmonastery.org/donate

@artmonastery @artmonasteryproject #artmonastery #makemeaning  #unselfie #reclaimyourheart #reclaimyourart #createnotconsume #together #everyoneisanartist #youhaveeverythingyouneed 

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