Finding One Another Moon

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Finding One Another Moon

Finding One Another Moon

(Trans Horizon)

New Moon  August 8, 2021


Who, what, when, where, how



Up earth, down sky.

Old, young, undone.


Before these origins, only horizon

open to the whole

in birth throes

a boundary of name & self

properly contained, fixed in time

& carrying the bundled body

becoming both separate & merged

with a raptured myth of accretion & loss.


What if width without edges

were the yellow flower stars

we identified joy with?


What if unfurling was breath,

recombinant gesture our play?


We do not know anything alone.


Vision widens to include

softens to welcome

relaxes as it finds equanimity

for the story to continue:


a handhewn red cedar craft on

a long journey of ash & flood

we transition in love

vitalized in ceaseless change

by friendship presences especially

including the one or two things

that distinguish themselves

within the open field

of your experience

right now.



Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. “Fits Into Spacelessness” 2018. Ink on paper, 14×12″.

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