Full Moon Invocation

Full Moon Invocation

This invocation by Qayyum Johnson

Tree seed filling the air today,

swifts & swallows taking to their serious play.

The white goddess, fertile, cool, dispassionate, WIDE.

Charmer of water—conveyance of blessings, teachings, insight, hard lessons.

Allowing illumination in the darkness.

The full moon rises when the empty sun sets.

Both burn with antipodal fuel—yin-yang. Doing & potential, action & space.

Milk moon, flower moon, moon of friendship & forgiveness. Moon of potentiality. Moon of opening to surprise through patience. Moon of shaking-up old habits & shining a new light of presence on the Underneath & the Overneath.

Moon of innumerable questions all having one answer. Moon of miracles & music, moon of colorful language, free movement & safe passage. Moon of matrimonio. Honeymoon. Moon of birth canals narrowed down to slim chances & long odds—moon of the heart betting on love. Moon of transformation of the soul—which is a euphemism for a chemical bond rooted in pheromone scents & micro-signals exchanged in brief flashes of lightning. Moon of dangerous passage.

Moon of small mind that sees the moon up there as a thing, or a hole, or an absence.

Moon of all the colors of the night.

Moon of dreams floating on a river.

Moon of peaceful resolution.

Moon as my projection. Moon as my protectress.

Moon as mother. Moon as lover.

Moon as time herself, as Emily Dickinson alone in her room for decades, seen by no one, writing on scraps of paper for eternity to read.

Moon as organic, orgasmic; organizing all the riotous beings of the six realms to recognize their self-subsisting perfection & awaken from the deep sleep of forgetting. The moongate of sacred relationship with their own knowing milky-white truth of connection.

Moon as buttermilk, as white sourdough starter, as popcorn within righteous black indigenous seed, as butter herself, as a milkmaid gopa in ancient Indian lowlands courting Krishna the blue-skinned one.

Mother moon benevolence: strict, scheduled, truth-telling. Moon moon of infinite desires patiently tended, passion, eroticism up to and including death & decay. Mushroom moon. Slime mold moon. Marianas Trench moon. Long migration moon. Butterfly moon. Magnetic north moon.

Black hole & superionic water moon.

Salmon, eel & sturgeon moon.

The full racing flight of moonlight aroused by a sincere call for help.

Moon of fraternite, liberte, & egalite.

Moon of gratitude for love & family, food, community, moving body, working mind.

Moon of yes & no in their proper turn.

Moon of open & close.

Moon full & empty.

Old & new moon.

Moon that is mine & yours & yours & yours.

Moon that’s shone long before & will arise & arise & arise pure & shining forever.

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