Guest Blog: Rainbow People

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Guest Blog: Rainbow People

Guest Blog by Petra Počanić

Part 5 (Click here for Part 1Part 2Part 3, and Part 4)


On the last day of the Hosting Eco-Social Innovation workshop, a LOVE BOMBING to all!







[Editors note: Love Bombing is a method where participants stand in a circle. One person steps in the center and everyone else writes down what they appreciate about that person on a post-it note. One at a time, people step into the center, speak aloud the thing they appreciate about this person, and stick the post-it note on the person. The person then has all the notes to take home at the end. It can be a very intense experience to be in the center of the circle! One at a time, you work your way around the circle and eventually everyone experiences it.]

… and a song.

“Rainbow people,

go where you want to go

and do what you want to do,

cuz love is guiding you…”

You are a magnificent source of inspiration. Thank you!

See you in March 2017.



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