Guest-blog: Sarah Noni Metzner goes to Italy

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Artmonk in Residence Sarah Noni Metzner writes about her experience at the Art Monastery:

Knowledge of the Art Monastery project came to me through both of the following things: a late night casual conversation point in Toronto about “some Americans doing some cool things in this small town in Italy” and a facebook group invite. Either way it proved intriguing to me when I realized I would like to have a few weeks off in April after my tour of Germany and northern Italy in February and march earlier this year. After many attempts to get a hold of various names of people floating around the cyber world with no luck, I finally found the personal email address of Nathan through a mutual friend, and began planning my visit to the olive farm. I had no idea what to expect except that I was very ready to be in one place for a few weeks to write some songs. The rest has proved to be potent history.

I am a touring musician and songwriter and spend the majority of the months of my year on the road or recording albums. “home” is canada (Toronto/Vancouver), which means I usually end up there eventually.  My 2009 has evolved into playing many shows around Europe. I am quite familiar with the life of a touring musician, but with ever-changing landscapes, it is always refreshing to find myself in a place where I can stop and gather myself; both personally and creatively. It is even better when that stop also includes inspiration through special people doing special things in special places. I found an incredibly clear creative space during my stay, which was only magnified by the steady stream of earthquakes during the last week. The place is full of magic. The stunning landscape and the hard working intentions of the Art Monastery staff have combined to successfully create something extraordinary.

I can speak for the beauty of finding a potent space to be inspired as an artist and have that supported by community. My stay at the farm turned from 10 days to 3 and a half weeks, and i found that the songwriting flow did not stop even after I left. I rejuvenated myself and am back in germany continuing on with performing and doing what I do.

My eternal gratefulness to all of you wicked people who are part of the Art Monastery project.
You are all incredible.

sarah noni metzner

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