Harvest Moon

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Harvest Moon

Full Moon September 2019

Harvest Moon

Another unspeakably bright moon.

Another friend done gone.

Breath breathing breath. 

Another conscious movement toward opening—inviting relaxation.

A recalibration of vision, focal depth, heartspace & resonance with the surrounds.

Summer comes down like dusk fowl on a watery mirror:

easing into the balance point of light & dark.

Another skystruck plateau—this moment!— our irresistible calling to affirm connection, widen, celebrate, mourn, & skinnydip in brazen reality before the leaves fall.

When we are at our most full, like the moon, loss & grief are right there too.

Companions. Clouds in an endless, empty sky.

Here in the grass a hundred million crickets have been making sound syrup & drenching the world in its trance & effulgence.

Harvest time moon recalls us to the extravagance of gratitude, the expansion that’s possible with a little help from our friends. A frequent accompaniment to an experience of the boundlessness of our heart is a purifying stream of tears.

What are the named & nameless beings whose presence & absence allow you to know that you are alive in a way far beyond your conventional designations?

Invite them to the harvest dance, even if only quietly, gently, secretly. 

Dancing in this way helps make the world right.

text by Qayyum Johnson

painting by Betsy Suiko McCall

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