Hasten Slowly Moon

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Hasten Slowly Moon

Hasten Slowly Moon

New Moon  April 11, 2021


Pale eastern light gently gestures.


Vision winter-held in chorus relief

phlox, cottonwood, tulip

root, branch & crown

how we have longed!


(the insuperable ache)


Aging agonal love, the tower impregnable

uncorrupted reunion delayed, messy


a febrile dream of ease/ yes, I’m in

but don’t hold me too close

(it all hurts b/c it all feels)


& we appear timely as a gallop, blink, drip


In this glistened current—under it, within it—

with opening eyes, a halo forms around you/us

a watery circle softening discretion


Merwin said, you invented forgiveness

and forgive nothing


dawn of everyday says, you woke in speed

and washed in starlight


A dun rabbit in the sideyard appears

hops, stops, turns a dark eye, springs.


Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Drawing by Suiko McCall. Moon of Pale Eastern Light, 2020. Pencil on paper, 8×10″. suiko.art

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