Hosting Transformation: Berlin

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Hosting Transformation: Berlin

August 22 to 28, I participated in the fourth Hosting Transformation conference. Organized by the International Partnership for Transformative Learning (of which the Art Monastery is a founding member), this year’s conference was in Berlin. Facilitators, experimental educators, coaches, researchers, and artists gathered from all over Europe, North & South America to share wisdom, meet likeminded activists, and to refill the well.

tf-01-11lrInstead of renting a big conference center and spending our days in hotels, the conference was decentralized — seminars gathering in living rooms and parks in various neighborhood throughout the city. We came together as a larger group (more than 100) at the beginning and ending of the event.


img_20160827_115218lrBy the end of my time there I felt really nourished and inspired. Once again, being around a group of people who are wholeheartedly dedicating themselves to making their corner of the world more beautiful, more accessible, more sustainable, is deeply uplifting!


tf-01-41lrI offered a workshop about designing your own transformational ritual. It was called How to Create Community: Artmonk Style. (Please forgive the spelling in the poster — the amazing artist who created it as the workshop progressed is not a native-English speaker.)




I look forward to next year’s event, which will be in either Amsterdam or Vienna. If you’d like to receive occasional newsletters from the IPTL, shoot a note to info@hostingtransformation.eu.




I’m really grateful for exposure to such an inspiring and ass-kicking group of idealist smarties! The impact of this event on me will surely unfold as time progresses. Keep up the great work, all of y’all!

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