Incomparable Mourning Moon

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Incomparable Mourning Moon

Incomparable Mourning Moon 

Full Moon  July 23, 2021

The moon is a poem of time
as it absorbs & refracts
all vows equally in every dimension.
 For now, here, it rains in high summer—
there, now, it burns in permafrost.
There are wars, still.
An epidemic contagion flourishing
systemic inequality built upon
catastrophic species chauvinism—
one member of the spaceship
deciding everyone else
is dispensable.
It is a time for mourning.
And radical transformation.
For planting, planning & preparing.
It is a time for being non-reactive
& evolutionary—both, gently.
For living by vow to aid all beings
in knowing their broken hearts
(including your own)
(including my own)
This poem body of sun, moon and stars
is a vivid galaxy of possibility
is the ground growing beneath us,
our life & breath, our past
present & imaginal future.
Here it all is.
The way transparent, evident.
May we receive cosmic light in humility
& give every lumen to the fertile dark:
a green vow in a dream with rain & fire.


Poem by Qayyum Johnson
Painting by Suiko McCall. She who Dances With the Stars, 2018. Ink on paper, 30×55″


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