Guest-blogger Candace Smith on La Clausura Sconfinata

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A guest-post by Candace Smith, the founder of Cappella Artemisia, an ensemble of women whose repertoire is the music of Italian convents of the 16th & 17th centuries. Candace writes:

I was delighted to take part in the first full-scale Art Monastery project: La Clausura Sconfinata . It was a true synergy of artistic talents: dancers, singers, instrumentalists, scholars. The idea (by the talented and tireless Julia Pond) of bringing modern dance, baroque and liturgical music together was, I think, brilliant, and provided a wonderful opportunity for all the artists to let their own field of expertise be inspired by the talents of others. Personally, I think it is thrilling to sing while watching a dancer physically embody the music, texts and emotions that I am trying to comunicate through my voice. I really hope we will be able to perform this work again and delve more deeply into the artistic, historical and emotional levels which it touches upon. Thank you, Julia, Christopher, all the dancers and musicians, and all the Art Monks!

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