Life As A Cloud Moon

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Life As A Cloud Moon

Life As A Cloud Moon

Full Moon  August 22 , 2021


Birth is past

all present colors past

new these limbs, this tongue

blue blue blue blue blue


Sex, the river, cascades

of this & that & them & me

one shore, then the other

flying, falling, hoping, trying

living, dying, only one blister

one carbuncle knot

one kinked cursed neck

one mountain, one canyon

one cave with one fire turning

red, orange, black, green, blue

skin hurried, memory flanked

friendless, landless, scamper

scamper scamper scamper lift


I see what the white egret sees

turning after my sister/mother flock

my dearest other, my only


I see you alone in your vulnerability

all that space zeroing inward

your breath a brazen wing

coming to the end of your strength

without knowing the presence

without knowing the presence

ode of fissures in the solid

where you course without a mask

where you course without a mask


The drum is the heart of it

dawn lake, clear breath rising


The heart is a drum within it

keeping time, keeping time

never late, never late

the journey overturning

the edges become center

in throes, clear seeing


To move forward/around/toward

this rounded skin bulge

pervading gill flesh

spider drift gift

sky seed

pollen borne

wind shape



To ride rhythm, to ride air

to melt & form, to become

the opening endlessly wide, to open

to end, to open, to extend

to open, to part, to visible

to gladden, to rainbow

to birth, to join

to tender boldly

to whisper

to shade

to rain



Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. “She Who Delivers Messages Both Transworldly & Mundane” 2020. Ink on paper, 13×11″

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