Live Your Dream: A Workbook to Change Your Life

Live Your Dream: A Workbook to Change Your Life

We are very excited to share the Art Monastery’s latest publication, a workbook called “Live Your Dream: Start Here. Start Now.” Made possible by funding from Erasmus+ and collaboration with our international partners plenum, Visionauts, and Sendzimir Foundation, this little book is 25 pages of full-color step-by-step exercises that guide you through identifying what is important to you, what your skills are, and how to turn them into a meaningful career. Check out the online ebook version below, download the PDF to print it out yourself, or shoot us a donation to cover postage and we will mail you one when they are printed (Fall 2017). By the end of 2017, there will be versions available in Arabic, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

Download the PDF

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