Love Sun Moon

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Love Sun Moon

Love Sun Moon

New Moon, April 1, 2022


Dearest Spring,

Winter is over, I love you.

Jasmine at night, the frogs,

I’ve forgotten to suffer for hours.

Everywhere I look is growing,

egret nests, the chaya trees, my belly

fattened on happiness like a spider.

Let’s get married again on windhorses today

sail yellow bamboo paper kites

& separate the rice from the sand

like one does in parinirvana.

I’m so alive I should cry

but the wind blowing gray hair

into the clouds to the north

reminds me of dying,

so I smile with you as part of it

& that’s how every second of this counts.

Yours Forever, Summer.




Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. Dearest Spring, Love Summer, 2022. Ink on Yupo, 9.5×12.5″. http://suiko.art




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