Mavis Muller: Fall Visiting Artist at AM Italia

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AM Italia will host Mavis Muller at the end of November and beginning of December as our final Artmonk-in-Residence for the 2012 season. Mavis’s residency will culminate with an event in Italy or Spain, a public burning basket celebration where the local community will come together to participate in this unique ritualistic experience on 12-12-12.

About Mavis

Mavis Muller is a visual artist-naturalist, from Homer, Alaska. Through the art forms of contemporary basketry, photography, poetry & storytelling comes the voice of the natural world as Mavis weaves baskets of all sizes, 2 inches to 20 feet. Using natural materials, she introduces the plants, trees & landscapes as carriers of messages, stories and earthly blessings.  Her larger creations embody the essence of impermanence and celebrate the cycle of life, death & rebirth, deceit and renewal, inspired by what she sees acted out in nature. She began her Burning Basket project of interactive, impermanent art in 2004, and has facilitated 24 enactments in Alaska, California, Oregon, Hawaii, and New Mexico/Mexico border. When Mavis is not creating in her studio overlooking Kachemak Bay, Kenai Mountains and glaciers of Alaska, she is touring, gathering materials & inspiration. Yet, always and everyplace, with her art she is actively advocating preservation of natural habitat, cultivating Earth wisdom, and building community. She has been recognized with a 2011 Rasmuson Artist Fellowship Award, 2012 Artist of the Year award from Homer Alaska Arts Council, and her travel to Italy is with funding from the Alaska Council on the Arts, Anchorage, AK.

Artist Statement

“Early in my art career I made a commitment of creative partnership with Nature, to use my human artistic imagination to advocate for the non-human world, which could help dispel the illusion of a boundary between the two worlds. This is the essence of what I try to articulate and communicate through my art making. The workshops I facilitate are designed to help we humans access and awaken our true nature and draw energy and insight through our still-wild roots; to establish a firmly rooted sense of place; and create a reality of health and well being for the future of the planet on which we bloom, our benevolent Earth.”













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