Moon at the End of the World

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Moon at the End of the World

Moon at the End of the World   

New Moon  April 30, 2022

When it all comes crashing down
(& we know that it will for each of us
—it’s only a matter of time)
the moon will remain the moon
encouraging the survivors onward.
It will jumpstart romance in the remainder
by being its luminous gentle self
reflecting back whatever light there is
sparking art, spirit & tenderness.
I could be that moon right now
despite my aching heavy heart
& the resounding clear evidence
that I am a hopeless schmuck.
Why didn’t I emulate the moon earlier
like when I was in junior high school
& first realized that I’d probably
never really figure anything out?
I fantasize about so many puny things,
why not put all my frogs in one river
& become the indescribable song
that pulls all of life on this watery planet up close
to bask in the glow of untouchable
profound, infinite, basic goodness.
Let me be the fun-loving, patient
forgiving moon at the end of the world.

Poem by Qayyum Johnson.

Painting by Suiko McCall. Return to Where You Are, 2021. Copper oxide, avocado pit & wild grape on paper, 8.5×5.5″. http://suiko.art


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