Moon By Spilling Stars

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Moon By Spilling Stars

Moon by Spilling Stars, By Jewel-like Frost,

By Forest Song, By the Baying of Bodies

By Blessing, By Intention & Release,

By Graceful Design

New Moon

November 15, 2020



the wish to grow

like curled mist

flows & covers

our river’s depth

challenging navigation


that cry from the woods

a being whom we do not know

sounding each night after dusk

signals immediate return

toward these, our passing

prescient moments


life force rises

& knows

what it knows

finds its way

to the lost one

the forest crier


she who negotiates

hard & narrow straits

by trusting the cosmos

of her luminous body


come drop back & down

into fertile depths

where nothing needs defense

where dark hearts

heal whole & howl


so it is, beloved, so it is


the wish to grow is granted






Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko.Art

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