Moon of Gathering Courage

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Moon of Gathering Courage

New Moon May 22, 2020

Moon Of Gathering Courage
To Travel Dark Roads With Trust
In Wild Grace & Rhythmic Dignity

shadows release light over time
invisible forces tussle prayer flags
walls of the old come tumbling
down & longer goes the sun’s arc
the spring dark moon of May
echoes the wandering haiku:
even in this vibrant moment,
missing this vibrant moment
confessional, vulnerable, artless
counting sun faces in a field
of perfection dandelions
reading clouds as earth painting
the people in your life hanker
after your lonesome heart
hearing in her beat a rare song
companion to their own rhythms
fear of mortal night, clutch
uncertainty of next steps, clutch
comparing low to high, clutch
ocean flowers come & go
mountain flowers bloom & die
river flowers eddy & oxbow
grass flowers knit & sow
starbox flowers hold open a door
wild grace waits on the other side
we can do it, we can awaken
the story of return is ancient—
seeing what is is the journey
          is the goal
listen to mushrooms
give yourself to sensual texture
ask how pollen-breath of the currant
knew the fleet scent of your heartache
there is a family of wholeness
that we are beckoned toward:
where clutch releases into gift,
where we are vibrantly welcome
it is dark, dark, dark here
cosmically vast & cool
seeds & perfume, shuttle & loom,
knitting our journey’s brocade
whatever you are
is enough & always more
lost, vanished—reunited
found anew, fresh
frogs calling out a new beginning
to you
for you
with you on the dark roads


Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall — suiko.art

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