Moon of Peaceful Non-Alignment with the Over-Culture

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Moon of Peaceful Non-Alignment with the Over-Culture

Full Moon August 15, 2019

Moon of the Anthropocene, Queer Moon, Moon of Peaceful Non-Alignment with the Over-Culture, Ambiguous Moon, Grief Moon, Moon of Accepting the Body We Have, Deep Listening Moon, Forgiveness Moon, Moon of the No-Longer-Young, Moon of Katabasis, Pilgrimage Moon, Moon of Unknown Scents…

Our lives often feel as though they are composed of myriad deep-rooted complexities, which manifest as tension in the body & a kind of stiffness of spirit. 

In our individual & community life, we have been attuning to the freedom & freshness that is everpresent in awareness when we cultivate silence & stillness.

The moon—in all their transformative, everchanging phases—has been manifesting as a celestial reminder of this liberating responsiveness of the universe.

The moon reminds us that there is a naked simplicity always available to us in our sensual embodiment. 

Sometimes this opening & relaxation of habitual tension comes from simply going outside & turning attention outward in such a way as to become more porous, less head-bound in language & relentless thinking.

And the moon is also a canvas for reflecting our actual life. 

A life where nothing is left out, nothing exiled, denied or suppressed. 

A life of interdependence, relationship, shape-shifting, gift-exchange, radical mutualism, & free creative authentic expression.

Each lunar cycle has many names, unique to the diversity of beings who have ever looked up into the sky & invited-in fluidity, guidance, grace. 

We invite you to cultivate a relationship of your own with the swimming 28-day moon bodies, creating moon names that speak to the particular terrain of your sacred journey.

What is the moon helping you call in?

(And streaking around & through the moonlight in the nightskies of August 12, 13, 14, will be the peak of the Perseid meteor shower: many tens of visible shooting streaks of sacred light flaming overhead on their annual intimacy with our breathing watery planet. Spend some time on a blanket, the hood of a car, a hammock, in a meadow, peacefully occupying the stillzone where you live: the live edge between earth & sky!)

Text by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall

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