Moon of Snow Dawn

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Moon of Snow Dawn

Moon of Snow Dawn

New Moon, February 11, 2021


In these moments of impeccable reckoning

our life

may sometimes yield its guarded borders

to color

blue from black, into annatto & turmeric

as sunshine


in the liberation gap of the outbreath

gift & refuge

a widening aperture to live the painting

merge synonymous

laying upon the earth’s infinite mutable forms

like February snow

that frees every thing to be itself


watch how the prison bars return


see anew


again the opening, the color, the light

the breath, the presence, the earth

the change, the luminous yes

the new now





Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. The New Now, 2021. Turmeric, marigold, henna, ink, and graphite on paper, 8×11″. suiko.art

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