Moon of the Iron Age

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Moon of the Iron Age

Moon of the Iron Age

Full Moon  November 26, 2023

This time I wish for everything

Every good thing

To suddenly or slowly befall everyone

In the right way, at the seeming wrong time

Wherever they are, hearing the call

Slow drumming of basic good—

Good good good as moonrise

On this shared sphere of growing blue

Changing green, glowing red, gentle brown

Among forgiving colors

Generous smells

Patient wordless contact

Nourishment, nurturance

Nature we are & naturally gracious

May blessing words be birthed

Let every good appear

In every being’s field

Near and ever nearer, here

Autumn, war, scarcity, fear

Every good thing

Holding every one of us

In our present state

This music & grief of awakening together

Is a wish we can share

As action in hard-freezing times.

Poem by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko McCall. We Have Never Been Separate, Unique or Alone and it is Time to Stop Deluding Ourselves, 2023. Ink on paper, 26×20″. This piece will be on view as part of “Sky of the Present Moment: Recent Works by Suiko McCall” at San Francisco Zen Center, November 27-December 21, 2023.

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