Moon Questions

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Moon Questions

Full Moon November 12, 2019

moon questions*

Where did you come from?

(Which side of which place?)

What do you mean,

It happens by itself?

When you climb the ladder of light,

how do you know when you arrive?

Why do feelings repeat?

How does sound become music?

Does color iridesce the same temperature

across diverse cosmic bodies?

Is ecstasy also unique?

Have you ever felt a shell around your body?

Is whispering the primary means of transmission?

(What kind of singing?)

How did you learn to dance uninhibited?

Was your lover of the land, sea, air

or interstellar fire?

Did you ever guess

at their thoughts?

When you made love

was pure vision the result?

Would you call it merging

or mind-reading?

Are you fond of bats & spiders?

What are the limits

of human experience?

Is it really that far away?

May I ask about natural beauty again?

Would you be here with me awhile more?

(I have so many sincere questions.)

*true, answers always

the moon—

the always answers true

Text by Qayyum Johnson

Painting by Suiko Betsy McCall

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